Sunday, October 24, 2021

Breaking the law in style

In one anecdote, David Niven [1910-1983] talked about colluding with another bloke to eat free - they'd enter the restaurant separately and Niven would order a cup of tea and a bun. The friend sat at another table and ordered a full steak dinner. Towards the end the friend would move to Niven's table and they'd request the bills. The friend would go to the front and settle up for the bun and tea. He'd leave and Niven would gently say he had only the tea and bun and pay the 25 cents. And leave. They'd pull the same scam the next day at another place, switching roles. Niven's background was full of thievery and everyone would laugh. His charm was beguiling. Now they'd be prosecuted and careers would be killed - eg Winona Ryder [born 1971]. He said he had regrets, but didn't go to counselling etc. A much different time.