Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sarah Palin's handler let her out long enough to do a TV interview. Katie Couric doesn't look impressed:

Someone comments:
The Couric interview reminded me of an episode in the 5th grade when I tried to fake my way through an oral presentation on a book I hadn’t read. Neither of us pulled it off.
Moose Adaptation and Protection
During the winter the moose feeds on berries, twigs and branches. They will eat the bark of trees and paw through the snow to get at the grass and twigs under the snow.

Moose can move fast, even when it is wet and muddy. The two large toes on their hooves spread wide apart to keep the animal from sinking.

They are good swimmers. Moose will also lie in shallow water to get away from biting insects or to cool off. Their tails are too short to swish the flies away.

As winter approaches moose grow a thicker coat.

The males use the big strong antlers for protection and for fighting other males. A mother will fight to protect her young by kicking with her sharp powerful hooves.

The moose has poor eyesight and relies on a keen sense of smell. It stops and listens often while eating.