Monday, January 12, 2009

“I've been insufferable before, and I will be again!”

Andrew Sullivan thinks that Bono's new New York Times column is truly dreadful. Daniel Drezner is holding a contest: Bono's column and, in 20 words or less, explain its theme in the comments. Here's my effort: Did you know that I knew Frank Sinatra?
He likes this entry, even though it breaks the 20 word rule:
Not only am I a worldwide star and humanitarian, I am--as of now--a great writer--a point I slam home inside--a great many--em dashes. And abrupt. Sentences. Plus, I still drink in Irish pubs--thus--I am cool. Bono cool.
Sullivan concludes:
Shut up and sing, as they say. But his lyrics are just as meaningless. I like my occasional U2 as much as anyone, but the words make no sense at all. Ever.
Bono's clothing line "Edun" is available here.