Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shoah Foundation

With a collection of nearly 52,000 video testimonies in 32 languages and from 56 countries, the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation archive is the largest visual history Holocaust repository in the world. The Institute interviewed Jewish survivors, homosexual survivors, Jehovah's Witness survivors, liberators and liberation witnesses, political prisoners, rescuers and aid providers, Roma and Sinit survivors (Gypsy), survivors of Eugenics policies, and war crimes trials participants.

Jewish Holocaust survivors in the archive include:

Guenter Cassel

Dear Richard Cassel,

There are various ways to access testimonies from our archive.

I. Institutions connected via Internet 2. If you want to search the entire archive through the web-based interface called the VHA (visual history archive), you will need to travel to and schedule a visit at an institution with digital access to our archive. Please contact Doug Ballman at to schedule a visit. Below is the list of the institutions that are currently connected:

1) Brown University
2) Columbia University
3) Duke University
4) Florida Atlantic University
5) Freie Universität Berlin
6) Monash University
7) North Carolina State University
8) Rice University
9) Syracuse University
10) United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
11) University of California, San Diego
12) University of Michigan
13) University of Minnesota
14) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
15) University of South Florida
16) USC Shoah Foundation Institute, University of Southern California

II. Visual History Collection sites
If you want to access testimonies closest to you, the institutions in Canada are below, which have acquired subsets of the archive and may have testimonies you are interested in. Please contact the institution directly to schedule a visit.

Calgary Jewish Community Center
24 testimonies conducted in Calgary, Canada
Canada Calgary, Alberta
1607 90th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2V 4 V7


Tel: +403 444 3153

Thompson Rivers University
75 testimonies conducted in British Columbia, Canada
900 McGill Rd. Kamloops

British Columbia V2C 5N3


Tel: +250 828 5098

Galt Museum and Archives
1 testimony conducted in Alberta, Canada
Canada Lethbridge, Alberta
502-1st South

[5th Avenue & Scenic Drive]
Lethbridge, AB T1J 0P6


Tel: +403 329 7300

Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada
20 testimonies conducted in Manitoba, Canada
C116-123 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg, MB. R3N 2B2
Tel: +1 204 477 7458

III. Testimony Services
If you are interested in other types of testimony services we offer, please click on the link below to view the other types of access services we offer and I will be happy to assist you further.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns.

Tina Minh

Tina Minh
Coordinator, Access Services
Shoah Foundation Institute
College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
University of Southern California
Phone: (213) 740-6026
Fax: (213) 740-6044